Network settings to allow MC43 to connect

C. Harp 7 years ago updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 7 years ago 2

I need to know which ports I need to open on my firewall to allow an IQAN module to connect. 


Thank you for the help.

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It depends on what kind of connection you mean. 

You can connect to the MC43 module directly from a PC. The ports that are used in this case are described here: http://forum.iqan.se/forums/1-software/topics/419-ports-and-protocols-required-via-ethernet-connection/

The MC43 can also connect to the IQANconnect server and be available for remote diagnostics. In this case the MC43 uses TCP port 60100 (out-going only) to connect to the server.