Anyone ever set up a Broadcast Announcement Message (BAM)?

mgoutier 7 years ago updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 7 years ago 4

Has anyone ever set up (or is it possible to set up in IQAN) a Broadcast Announcement Message (BAM)? I am certainly not an expert on the matter, just a curious dabbler of possible data transmission options. 

I guess I will add, if it is, please send me an example, or anything to help me better understand how to accomplish this.

I should be a bit more specific as this questions as it was presented seems a bit stupid. Is it possible to set up a BAM for more than 8 bytes...

Hello mgoutier

I made an example of a multipackage message not to long ago.

Multipackage example1.idsx

This example sends out a BAM with 5 packages for PGN 65520 when it gets a request.

I have not tested to send any BAM with more than 5 packages but see no reason that you could not send more than 8.

Just make sure that the packages are in the correct order in terms of sending by arranging them so in the calculation order in design.