Ability to run system recovery from md4

Tuomas 6 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 11

In case where you have to change new module (like mc4x) to multimaster system, then you have to reinstall program. If customer doesn't have IqanRun or IqanSync (what is not good for installation), you have to send service man to do this. If there would be an ability to run system recovery (reinstallation) from MD4, then customer could do this by himself.

Also system recovery would work in some cases when modules are in error stage (not broken).

Any plans about this idea? This ability would help our and dealers service a lot!


Customer can very easily do recovery with the free IQANgo app. If he does not want to buy G11 you could send that out as a loan together with the new MC4.

Well, that is easy for us who know something about this. I have even write manual how to do recovery update using IqanGo. Still customers contact and complain that is too difficult. They can't find right folder where they uploaded update file, bluetooth connection not working etc. (I can't write exact manuals for every smartphone and tablets).

This feedback and idea have come from customers who have used similar systems like Iqan, but these similar systems have system recovery build inside the system, much easier to use (doesn't have to read manual how to use app and download update file, seek it from right folder and make bluethooth connection which will break when uploading is 99% done...)


I completely understand the frustration :)

For that kind of customer (but in a different system) we send out a box that consists of:

Samsung tablet with simcard and Teamviewer installed

Machine interface (like G11) already paired with bluetooth

The customer only has to plug the interface in, start the tablet and call us, then we can connect to the tablet with Teamviewer and do everything.

Maybe we have to try that :)

I have also tryed online update using IqanGo, but that it too unreliable (about 80-90% online updatings crash)


That doesn't sound right. I'd recommend reaching out to your local Parker tech support for troubleshooting. 

Offline update is of course most reliable.

I have found that for online connections it is best that the customer NOT uses the same phone to talk with as the talking consumes a lot of bandwith and is prioritized over data connections.

Under review

It is an interesting idea. I remember in the past the limit was the size of the files that could be stored, but since the MD4 has so much more memory than an MC4x, that is at least not an issue. 

I can see some huddles with how to do this in a secure way. With IQANgo/IQANrun, the update project operation is done by a person with limited access password to the file and in many cases also login access rights. 

Sending settings without involving a technician could be even more tricky. 

(plus the fact that some settings are changing during operation)

In other systems; If main master module notice that user have placed a new empty module to replace old one, then sytem ask do you want to run recovery / new program to empty module. If there is not any problem in system, you can't run recovery. Maybe main master module could also keep backups from other modules settings, then old settings will also uploaded from the main master to the new module?


We've discussed the idea, and concluded that it is too high risk and complexity to run from a master display in the system.