IQANsync 5.02 released

Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 6 years ago updated by lbartik 4 years ago 10

IQANsync 5.02 is now available in App Store/Google Play. New features are:

  • Support for 5.02 project and clone files
  • Password manager with support for safe passwords (for Android, added in 5.01 for iOS)
  • Additional CSV file attached mail when sending log (for Android, added in 5.01 for iOS)

Another change is that Dropbox support has been removed. We recommend you use the built-in Files app on iOS or a file explorer of your choice on Android. These file managers have support for Dropbox and many other cloud storage providers, e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud Drive.

On iOS you will find your IQANsync folder under Locations > On My iPhone > IQANsync. Use the Files app to move files to and from this folder.

On Android the same folder is found under (Internal memory) > Documents > IQAN Files. There are a number of file explorers available on Google Play if your Android device does not have one installed already, e.g. FX or Solid Explorer.

Download on the App Store     Get it on Google Play

Does anyone else have problems with IQAN sync 5.02 crashes on start up?  I updated and experienced the problem.  I uninstalled and reinstalled and still have the problem.  

Problem occurs on a Samsung Galaxy S8+. Android version 8.0.0.

Yes, also with Samsung S7edge, Android 7.0

No with IPhone 6

My Technician is experiencing the same issue on his S8 where the app will only go to a black screen.

We're working on a solution to the crash-at-startup problem. Meanwhile, a workaround is to uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

Unfortunately, I tried to uninstall and reinstall and I still have the same problem.

I had the same problem, if you uninstall and install the app it wont fix anything. but if you uninstall restart the phone and then install the app again it worked for me.

That worked.  I should have thought to try that.  Thank you.

Same issues on Google Pixel XL, Android 8.1.

Install--> Uninstall --> Restart --> Re-Install did not work for me.

iQan Sync still crashing on start-up.

An update that should solve the problem with crashes at startup on some Android devices has just been released to Google Play.


Three feature requests (also applicable to IQANgo):

  1. Use wake locks to prevent phone from sleeping and killing the Bluetooth connection in the middle of a file transfer
  2. Add a button to launch the system file picker within the Manage files tool and access shared storage i.e. /Download or automatically save any opened IDAX files to IQAN App-specific storage in /Documents.  Currently there is no method to find relevant IDAX files downloaded from email/cloud services without re-downloading them and re-launching via file associations or using a 3rd party file manager tool.
  3. Query IQAN hardware to predict file transfer payload, actual transfer rate, and transfer duration before committing updates, esp. when firmware resources required.  Example prompt:  "This update requires transferring 7 resources totaling 20MB and is expected to take 40-70 minutes over the current connection.  Your battery percentage is xx%.  This action cannot be cancelled and is not reversible.  Ensure you have adequate battery or AC power before proceeding.  Do you want to continue?"   Seems like this might be possible within the existing CANbus update framework.