It is possible to operate a distributor using the SV camera ?

David VRP 6 years ago updated by ALVIN NG 6 years ago 3

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The camera must be able to find the middle of 2 lines of plant (vine or sugar beet), and guide to always be in the center.

As on the picture?

thank you

A feature of this caliber will open up immense possibilities for many functional uses. 

I would imagine if something like this would become possible with IQAN the logic would most probably be defined on a pixel based definition and of course there are a lot of factors to keep in mind like contrast differentials that could be influenced by inconsistent ambient lighting that the application is exposed to and also other environmental variables depending on the application's conditions.  This can however be dealt  with and be refined by creating multiple preset conditions depending on the different ambient conditions that might vary like time of day/season, weather and also dust etc. 

But in all essence to be able to define pixels by RGB contrast is something I am also hugely interested in. 

I have seen this type of functionality being done in CodeSys with IP cameras but this was in a factory with ideal conditions all the time... 

The question is, will it be possible to do this with IQANdesign in the near future (or possibly already)?


I don't think this is a type of feature that can be just simply slapped together and implemented in an update that easily, but I  do have confidence in the IQAN development team to be able to achieve something like this... Let's wait and see.

We have been involved on the control side of projects like this. Getting an X-Y-Z out of the camera and onto CAN would probably be the most pragmatic engineering approach for getting something like this running for test. 

Interestingly camera's can be used to spot individual plants for crop/weed detection purposes. 

Processing camera information can be very CPU hungry and so I guess it will be very interesting to see what would be possible inside IQAN Design/MD4.

Can send me more info on PARKER IQAN success supplied and installation on all equipment/machineries - KALMAR reachstacker, Sugarcane harvesters etc etc