array value use as Value Control on display

mgoutier 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

It would be helpful if i could use a specific array channel value as a value displayed in a display page. 

IE: Arrayname[0] would be the input channel

The array channel itself do not have a value.

If you want to display any of the stored values from inside the array you need to use a math channel to extract the value and then display the math channel on the display.

To get a math channel to have a value from an array you do like this.

Result:=Array name[ array index]

If you want do be able to change the index you can have a adjustable parameter and use that instead of a fixed number, or use any other channel with a integer value type.


This is what I am saying, it would be helpful to not create redundant math channels just to display a value, it would be nice to just display the array channel value I want.