Real time clock lost after program update?

Ethan Zeman 6 years ago updated by Edward Polzin 3 years ago 5

Reportedly I had a customer who lost the date and time on one of their MD4s after recently flashing a program update (we went from 3.0 to Design 5.0 as part of the update).

Is there any chance this had to do with the update?  I think it's more likely that the real time clock had already failed on this unit and they just discovered it when they did the update as we've had a handful of hardware related issues with the MD4s losing the time saving mechanism in the past.

Below is our system architecture and a photo the customer sent me of the failure. 

Please let me know your thoughts.

Image 1279

Image 1278

It cannot have been version 3.0 that the system was upgraded from, the version that the MD4-7 was introduced in was version 3.10. The system must have been on a later 3.x version, e.g. 3.19.12

But with that said, the system shouldn't loose its RTC when updating. 

I am not sure, but what you might possibly have is one MD4 with a bad RTC component. If that is the case you could spot it by first setting the date and time in the system, and then start up each module alone without starting the other two. 


I have a similar problem.

Each time I turn off my machine or I'm updating it, the Date and Time are reset systematically.

I'm using 2 modules MC43.

Do you know why this problem happen ?

Is there something to do to keep it in the memory ?

One more question,

is there a way to save date and time in Array or memo ?

The MC43s do not have a real-time clock internal to the module like the MD4 does.  I believe this is the reason why the time is not retained after a power cycle in your system.

It is possible to have another device send a J1939 TDA message to the MC43 on startup so that it will have its clock set for logging purposes.  If you do not have a device in the system, there are third party devices that will perform that function.

Thank you for the answer.

Our old machine are equiped of MC2 and XS2 controleur. I just see the MC2 is equiped of RTC. That why we never had the problème before.

Is there a specific device that can do the RTC function with the MC43 ?