Product lifetime of MD4 and XA2?

Vincent Thiele 6 years ago updated by Jos Lentfert 4 years ago 7

I'm in the process of upgrading a number systems using MDL2 modules and intend on using a MD4/XA2 combination in its place. Since this upgrade is largely due to the obsolescence of the MDL2 units I am concerned about the product line expected lifetime for the MD4s and XA2s. I remember that the MDL2s appeared to become obsolete rather suddenly, so are there any plans to make today's MD4 or XA2 modules obsolete in the next 5 years? 10 years? How would we find out when/if this status changes in the future?

I'm also curious, especially concerning the XA2's

The sudden disappearance of the MDL2 caused us a major redesign crisis that we are still dealing with as we continue to support a large fleet of existing equipment with MDL2 units that occasionally expire. Our supply of MDL2s has long since dried up. Major modifications are needed to replace an MDL2 with an MD4-7.

We are heavily invested in the XA2 as well.

Same boat here, hundreds of XA2's and MDL2's, with no quick swap option on the MD4...

I know the XA2s are scheduled for obsolescence to be replaced with the XC4X series.  I was just getting on this forum to see if I could find a date for when that was occurring.

Would be nice to have a dedicated link "Modules to be obsolete"  

unfortunately, it is tough to forecast the future. Putting a set in stone date out there would lead to them getting sued if they have to move up a time-table.
Using an MC4X,  with a XC4Xs as needed, with a multi-master  to the screen would probably make it easier to update the screen side of things down the road. If you use CANopen or J1939 to communicate between masters, then the in-cab side wouldn't even have to be a Parker unit should availability become a problem.

Today we have the IQANDesign  5 Platform with MD4, MD3 Display modules , MC2, MC3, (MC31*) MC4x, MC4xFS mastermodules and XA2, XS2, XC2x , XR, (XC10*)  I/O modules, G11, (G3*), and GT Gateway.   (modules currently in phase out*)
IQANDesign 5 software will still be upgraded with new features releases and, if necessary, bug-fixes, but no new modules will be added. There are no plans yet to phase out XA2 and XS2, and when, finally, time has come, then early announcement with long term phase-out plan will be made. Also on this Forum! 

IQANDesign 6  platform is designed for the future by for example having faster CAN ICP protocols to keep up with growing machine control system demands. Another example is the Matlab/Simulink import features.  Unfortunately some older modules like  XA2, XS2, XR could not cope with the higher CAN ICP bandwith  demands and are not available in IQAN 6. 
IQAN6 features the newest introduced display modules series MD4x, Mastermodules MC4x and MC4xFS, as well as XC2x , and new XC41, XC42, XC43 and XC44 I/O modules, G11 and GT gateways.  IQAN 6 Hardware platform will be expanded with new modules.
For new to developed machines and larger mid-life updates of in series produced machines Parker advice to use IQAN 6 Platform and benefit from newest flexible and efficient system hardware design and extended IQANDesign 6 software features.   

Running and further developing both IQAN 5 and IQAN 6 Platforms side by side gives IQAN users in an early stage the ability to decide when adapting/upgrading  their machine control systems to newest platform.