mgoutier 6 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 5

It would seem for the past 2-3 months the MD4's I have been receiving have had much worse touch sensitivity that before. I find my self-touching a button multiple times before it actually recognizes it. I am indoors when this is happening so I do not think this is a cold weather issue. Has anyone else been seeing this issue?

We have noticed this also.


Yep i have also seen this happen on more recent 7" screens

I have noticed this as well. Slow response buttons without gloves on.
Under review

There is a new hardware revision with a different touch sensor, but it also comes with a new config that is supposed to give good touch responsiveness on this hardware. 


Not sure what this was, I never saw any other observation on touch responsiveness for MD4-7 since this post.