IQANConnect for batch updates

mdaigneault 5 months ago • updated 3 months ago 1

Hello IQAN Team,

We will be deploying many units to different locations, all of the same product. We would like to explore the possibility for batch updating of the IQAN software via the IQANConnect interface. Today, for updates, we will have to manually connect to each system, one by one, while it is online and not in function, to update it. This is ok for 1 or 2 units, but not optimal for 100s of units that must all be updated.

What we'd like, is the possibility for the system to "auto-update" when we have a new IQAN software version available and X and Y conditions are met (system is not operational, HW matches the SW we are pushing, etc).

I understand that IQANConnect was not designed in this way, but we are exploring how this can be done, either with Connect or another app, and what are your thoughts on this. Today, all our MD4 controllers will have access to the internet via their ethernet port.

Thanks for the excellent support.

Marc Daigneault.

Pushing this back to the top, hoping for a response.