Directional Pulse Count Inputs

Barnhart Crane 5 years ago updated by Edward Polzin 5 years ago 3

I need 8 directional pulse count inputs... Is there any hope other than using 4 XA2s? Any plans for an IQAN expansion module that can do 4 or even 8  of this kind of input?

I can't find any 3rd party CAN modules that have this type of input. It seems to be all industrial modules.

Hello,  Within Parker IQAN we have different master modules and I/O modules having 1 to 4 Directional Pulse counts.

In IQANDesign you can easily add multiple modules in your System Layout, add your required I/O, including the Directional Pulse Count inputs, and move these around the different modules for optimal I/O distribution over the modules in your application.
Parker IQAN modules are designed with flexible use of different type In and Outputs, however it is not possible to meet every application I/O  list matching excactly one ore more  module.
There will be always a compromise to be made, however that benefits having some spare I/O  in your system for future expansion and options.

Thanks for your response. I wasn't aware there was a module with 4 directional pulse counts. After seeing your comment and looking closer I found the MC3. Using 2 of these to get 8 should work just fine. 

Thanks again.

MC3 is in phase out.  You should investigate, but costwise it might be better to use 4 x MC41 than 2 x MC3.