mgoutier 8 years ago updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 8 years ago 5

I new here, and new to the software platform, so hello to everyone. Although I am new to the IQAN platform I am very familiar with PLC programming and basic logic.

I am tasked with converting a bunch of MDL programs to MD4's (as we aren't going to be able to get any MDL's soon) and as I dive into this it seems like there should be a much easier way to do it.

Can someone do a quick write up of the most efficient way to complete this task?



I worked with a few such applications scenarios. My approach would probably run the task in 3.19 and then upgrade to 4.xx. 3.19 is the last version of IQAN design supporting MDL2.

-System and bus architecture will have to be arranged for MD4.

-MDL2 IO and MD4 IO will have to be compatibility checked.

-Port the core functionality across to MD4

-All GUI items: Display pages/Adjust menu's/Measure menu's/Languages


Thanks for the insight. Its pretty much what I have been doing but I think the part that im missing is the "Port the core functionality across to MD4" can you elaborate on that?


Drag the functionality from the MDL2 onto the new MD4 master then use the application checker to fix all the error flags. Hope this helps.

thanks, that's pretty much what I have been doing. I was hoping there was a cool porting function that i was not using.. or tool out there. Of course not.. No big deal.