Need more information to be able to answer that.

What type of channel is the Exit?

What pin on the XA2 is it?

hi attached image lay out XA2  if you need I send software xa2.JPG

So the DOUT 'O work lights' goes red when you activate it?

If you hover with the mouse over the channel when it is red it will tell you what the status of the channel is.

I suspect that the channel could be in overload.

Led lights can have a high in rush current depending on how powerful they are.

This could trigger the overload protection on the DOUT channel.

Do you know the spec of the leds you are using?

If this is the case you might need to use a relay.

Trigger the relay with the DOUT and power the LED trough the relay.


my installation have a relay for power supply work light
I start exit on off and relay work well on off; when relay is on I connect power supply on the contact of the relay for led light (27W x2 light 24V) then all exit show momently red status.
The control relay work light exit have red status.
I remove the power supply relay contact status return green.
work light and relay work light blink on off automatically
Is it possible one return on coil relay to work light ?
Is it possible a wrong or bad connection power supply XA2 module in pin C1:28 24V and C1:15 GND and therefore, my power supply 24V entry is in the out Pin control work light relay?
attached electrical diagramELECTRIC DIAGRAM

What is the red status?

If you hold the mouse pointer over the channel when it has the red status you will get a popup telling you what it is.

Like i have done here when i have the status No contact.

Hi Thomas actually I have the machine out of order but I remember info is overload when status is red

Ok, then you have something strange connected to the output.

The DOUT can handle up to 2A, so if you are getting the overload it draws more that that.

Check to make sure that you are not accidentally shorting the output to ground.

It is strange I am sure, but I ask you if I have a voltage on return on the pin out what happen? Because if I have not power supply on the contact of the relay the system work well