windows 10 and legacy software

mgoutier 5 years ago updated by Thomas Moberg (System support) 5 years ago 3

We a lot of machines out in the field that still has MDM's that were programmed with the old IQAN develop. Our company is upgrading all of our laptops to Windows 10, am I going to have issues with any of the software for the older machines? We use design 2.63 on a lot of machines and develop on a smaller amount. Any insight into what will work and what won't would be a great help.  

My experience: Try to keep an old laptop, especially for the old MDM-System.

I never saw problems with IQANdesign 2.63 and Win10.

Ya, I've been doing that since XP disappeared with other software I need, but obviously would prefer to maintain 1 laptop. 


The IQANdevelop software does work on windows 10.

For IQANdesign 2.63 you will in the future run in to problems if you are using direct USB connection.

So to be future secure you should use a CAN interface instead if you are not already doing so.