CM0504 current limit

Greg R 5 years ago updated by Edward Polzin 5 years ago 1

Regarding th CM0504 module. What is the time to trip for the 25A current limit? If a motor is powered and spikes above 25A, will cause the module to fault? And will it recover?

The default current limit is 27.5 Amps and it will trip almost immediately when that threshold is hit.  It is configurable up to 37.5 Amps.  It will not recover automatically from an over current fault.  One send the output command 0xFB00 (raw) to reset the output, then try and turn the output back on.

A trick for inductive loads is to use the configurable ramps to manage inrush current.  In some functions this might be acceptable, but it is understood that in others it may not be.