MDL + XA2 TO MD4 + XC43

mgoutier 5 years ago updated by Kevin 5 years ago 2

With the lack of availability of MDL's, and the soon lack of support for XA2's, I have a customer with a bad MDL, so instead of purchasing and XA2 to cover the additional IO needed, I said its only a little more to purchase 2 XC43's, which the cost difference was worth it to not install another soon to be discontinued product. 

Here is where it got fun, the original program was designed in 2.63, XC43's can only be used in 6, you cant install an MDL in a 5 or 6 program. I had to open the 2.63 program in 4, add the MD4 and an XA2 to it and reassign all the IO to them, then save the project because when you go to delete the MDL it will crash every time. Then reopen the program in 6, add the XC43's re-allocate all the IO again... Seriously I can't make this up.... Can we please get 6 to allow us to open programs with an MDL in it much like the XA2's, please!

I understand your situation, but on the other hand, just re-assigning IO from an MDL and XA2 should not cost more than a few minutes. You should also think of developments and changes in hard and software for the IQAN products.

Mobile phone companies offer service  and updates only a few years.

We have an MDL available if required, been decommissioned and removed from a vehicle. Excellent condition.