Whats happened to the remote option on IQAN Run for tablets?

Kevin 5 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 12

We used to have a remote login option so somebody who had IQAN Run Pro on a tablet could access a machine at another location through IQAN Sync. Now we seem to have just WIFI or Bluetooth, no remote. Running IQAN Run Pro 6.00.8. Is there something I am missing?

Looks like this feature was removed, but I can't for the life of me understand why.  This was an important feature to several of our customers (particularly the service guys) and now they have to use a laptop to have this functionality.  

Similar story here, we have sold this system to customers so they can login and view information remotely with their machines on site.

Is there an explanation? I don't appear to be able to add licences any more either, is this why the remote is no longer functioning or prersent?


Apparently, there were some problems with this feature and the IQAN team removed it some time ago.  Not sure if there is any plan to bring it back - but I really hope so.   If I got a vote, I'd vote to get it back.


Can anyone from the Parker team advise when we will see this feature re-enabled? My customer is asking how they now get access remotely to the machine. Its a feature that has been paid for and now they no longer have...understandably they are not too pleased!!

Any news on this please IQAN team? My customer is understandably not very happy about the removed functionality

Hi Kevin.

I discussed with Gustav. In earlier versions of IQANrun for tablets it was possible to perform the same remote connection as in IQANrun for the PC. There were aome issues on Android, but iOS was fine, though there were also some security improvements required. The assumption was that most users in the office with IQANrun for PC would use this when performing remote diagnostics, and therefore it was decided to remove the feature from IQANrun for tablets rather than spending time on redesgning it. There may however be future developments in this area.

Hi Tim,

We have been selling the remote feature to customers who have been using the feature that has now been removed. Our customer have a couple of service engineers with login credentials that allow them to access other machines across the UK without being present at the machine. This makes total sense where the customer does not have a PC and only certain people are allowed access to certain parameters (for example calibrating machines etc). This feature was well received and the customers were using it a lot on their fleets of machines.

Just for clarification was it removed from the IOS or just android? All our machines are running 5.03, can we roll back to an earlier version of IQAN run for tablets in order to get the feature back again?

We simply cannot have features removed, especially after we have sold it to them. They are now asking when we expect to have it working again. Unfortunately they will not purchase IQAN Run for PC and this is now impractical as they have purchased Ipads with cellular, plus PAID for IQAN Run Pro for tablets precisely for this job....now its been removed??

When can we expect it back or can I roll IQAN Run for tablets back?


Hi Kevin, 

I will discuss further with ECD and then get back to you directly.


We had some problems with the stability and took the decision to remove the tab for remote connection from tablet in version 6.00. We did so thinking that the technician performing remote support was always using IQANrun for PC. 

The remote connection from tablet will be re-introduced in IQANrun for tablets 6.01, it should be out in early December. 

Thanks for the feedback, our customer will be happy! Look forward to seeing the update soon.

The 6.01 of the apps are now released, the ability to connect from the IQANrun tablet app to a remote system is now back.