Bag Load Error

C. Harp 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

I have a customer that is getting a “Bag Load Failed” after he has connected to a G11 and been logging for about 10 minutes. Has anyone experienced this or know how to resolve? Listing is as a “Purchase error”. The customer is using the paid pro version to utilize logging. 

Image 1891


Did a quick google search and "Bag Load Failed" Seems to be an iOS specific error message. 

What is the exact iOS version running on the iPad? 

I assume that by logging you mean running graph measure in a measure group? 


Shortly after i wrote this, I discovered that there were two tablets with the app that purchased PRO from the same apple store account. I had them delete the app from one of the tablets and that fixed the issue.

I assumed that it was related to the IQANRun app instead of IOS error. I do not own a tablet and was not aware of this being an IOS tablet issue error. I am not sure of the IOS version they are using.

Yes i meant that they are graphing with measure in a measure group and then emailing to me for analyses.