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Reference channel

Kevin 4 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 4

We have customers that frequently remote onto machines using IQAN Run Pro for tablet to adjust parameters in the system. When  adjusting the parameters, the reference channel is not displayed making it a very slow process as they have to go into measure then back to adjust groups to fine tweak.

The reference value works in IQAN Run for windows as shown, is it something i am doing wrong as I cannot get it to display on the tablet version? 

Windows displaying reference channel:

Image 1906

Tablet version with no 'live' reference value:

Image 1907

Showing the reference channel is only implemented on IQANrun for PC. 

It hasn't been implemented in the tablet version of IQANrun. 

(or the MD4 menu system, see this post

Can we request it gets added in for a future update? Our customers would find this particularly useful especially when offsetting sensors etc. With the growing use of tablets and smartphones this is likely to be used a lot more in our industry...our customers are asking for it now

Sure, I edited the forum topic and changed it from question to feature request idea. 

Let's see if more users like the idea of using the reference channel and give it some up-votes.