Flash Complete Multimaster Project Over Ethernet Without Using The Diagnostic Bus

Nick Pridham 4 years ago updated by Mark Bevington 4 years ago 1

Are there any plans to enable the complete flashing of a multimaster project over ethernet ? For large multimaster projects, file handling times are now taking many minutes due to the diagnostic bus bottleneck. I have an application where I want to plug an MD4 and MC43 into a switch, plug the PC into the same switch and then flash both masters over ethernet. 

I agree with Nick that there is a real need for this.  I am working with a IQAN system that has a total of 17 modules.  It has 4 subsystems, each which has it's own HeadMaster.  Having Ethernet would allow me to access all 4 subsystems through a router and single point connection to a PC.  Most automotive ECU's have this feature, which in some cases. allows OTA updates.