Expired License after unccessful connection

Antonio Garcia 4 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 4


After trying using a license from order PAR200320-9387-12132, by means of Android IQANSync, G11 in the system, and a remote connection from IQANDesign, connection was automatically refused by the system because the master unit was not properly configured to accept remote connections.

Being so, a well configured application was sent to the local technician, so he could send it directly from his smartphone to the machine, once again by means of iqanSync and G11.

He tried from several smartphones, but it was impossible to update the application locally ( due to different kind of connection errors), so in the end it was impossible to stablish a successful remote connection.

Because of that, the license wasn’t really used for its purpose, apart from trying initialising the connection...you can check it if you can. The thing is it was consumed.

I think, even if some sort of comunnication was used for initialicing the remote connection, the licenses shouldn't be consumed until a properly connection was stablished. i.e, after connection authoritation from the master. And not from the very first bit send or received.


Good point, sorry to hear you had some problem. The IQANconnect connection from the license gives unlimited connections to the machine for a period of 24 hours, normally that should be enough. 

It sounds as if the trouble you had with configuration might have been the Connectivity settings for Allow remote connection and Allow remote stop

The setting for a new project is "Ask user". The setting "Ask user" can only work in systems with a display, so there is a project check warning about it.  

But there is a way around it if you have an e.g. an MC4 with a G11 and have it configured with "Ask user" (or an IDC channel that is false). 

By bypassing the application when starting the IQAN master, Connectivity settings will default to  "Always" (see quick start guide in G11 instruction book) 

For the MC4, there is a trick to avoid having to fiddle with shorting or removing the the IdTag to bypass the application. If you just remove and reconnect the Molex connector with power on, there is a good chance the supply pins will make contact before the IdTag, and the MC4x will start up without application. You can then establish the remote connection and send an update with modified connectivity settings.  


It should be noted that if any COUT is active during the removal of the MC4 connector while power is on, you will require a new MC4 after this operation...

Good point. Better to switch off power supply before removing the connector, switch on and then plug in the connector. 


Hello! Great tips. And surely will help others… this machine was sort of prototype, so not all settings were still carefully set, and not all functions tested…with this issue a great hole was fixed on time. Thanks!