Password Database File Import/Export On The Same Computer

Nick Pridham 4 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 1

Is there any way of importing/exporting a password database file on the same computer ? I have a scenario whereby 50 field service engineers have a database with safe password keys only. When we come to upgrade IQAN versions, new keys have to be manually generated because the public key changes.  Could the IQAN team think of:

Keeping the public key the same so that new safe keys do  not have to be regenerated ?


Supporting some sort of local import/export use case for the password database ?

When installing a new major version for the first time, there is a function that asks for importing passwords from the previous version. 

IQANrun 3 will import from IQANrun 2, IQANrun 4 from IQANrun 3 and so on. This import option only shows up the first time you install a new major version.