ID tags on different busses

mgoutier 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

If I have an application where on bus A (MD4-7) has 3 expansion modules, tags 1, 2, 3T, and I want to add an XC43 to bus B, do I use a 1T or would I have to change out the 3T to a 3, and make it a 4T? I'm guessing since it is a new bus it would just be a 1T?


You can only have one module of each kind with the same ID in the system regardless of bus.

For example on bus A:



Then on bus B you could have:




This is designed so we don't need to stock many different kinds of ID tags.


So if on bus A i have 1,2,3T, I could have just 4T on bus B, and having the 2 terminating id tags wouldn't be a problem?


That is correct, as long as you don't have two terminating tags on the same bus.

In fact you need one T on each bus when using expander modules (if using master modules you can do the terminating in software).


Thank you for the response. I added another question to the forum about having an XC43 and an XA2 on the same bus. Can you comment on that one as well?