Project File Upload Method

Barnhart Crane 3 weeks ago updated by Pierre Fagrell 2 weeks ago 3

We've been using IQAN products for a decade now. Early on, I remember reading on here that USB was a somewhat unreliable way to transfer project files to modules so we've always used a USB-to-CAN device. 

Ideally, putting either an ethernet or USB connector on a machine and not needing the USB-to-CAN device every time a project file needs to be uploaded would be ideal.

Have things changed? How are most people doing this?

Good to know. Does using ethernet with those modules pretty much eliminate the need for using a USB-to-CAN device? Can you use IQAN Run over Ethernet?


Yes, ethernet is the best method to upload and diagnose, it is also faster. IQAN Run works aswell.

If you are well versed in networking you can also use a wifi bridge to work on the machine wirelessly which can be quite handy when measuring things.