Hello Jim.

You can do this easily with a Memorising channel.

You have the channel that you want to capture the maximum value of as the input channel.

Then for the activating part you have the input channel should be larger that the memorising channel itself.

Just this line of Qcode is needed in the memorising channel (replace input with your channel name).

if Input>This then QReplace

Thank you very much, Thomas.  We initially did this but used object list instead of Q code.  It did not work.  We learned that we needed to add an IDC to reset the activating column to false so it could go true again if the input was greater than the value of the MEM channel.  This works great.

Hello Jim.

Yes, If you use Object list you will have problems in this case.

Object list is flank triggered, so in this case you would only save a new value just when you pass the old biggest value.

Qcode is not flank triggered as long as you dont tell it to be in the code.

So it will run trough its code every cycle to see if the condition is met or not and save a new highest value.

Thank you very much, Thomas. I will try the Q code method as well. 
the object list method works. It will be good to have a couple options for accomplishing this