Differences between MD4-5 and MD4-5 M19

Kevin 3 years ago updated by Thomas Moberg (System support) 3 years ago 1

Apart from changes internally meaning its no longer compatible with 5.05 or before, is there any other changes with the newer design? We use CAN communication rather than ethernet, is this still available to download and communicate with the display using design and run? Any other performance changes? I may be missing the post stating a new display has been released listing the differences!

I'm assuming nothing major has changed as there is still only one 5 inch screen in IQAN Design.

Hello Kevin.

The difference is the actual display module in the MD4-5-M19.

The reason why you can not use older versions with it is because they do not have the correct firmware to run the new display.

All communication is the same and you do not need to do any changes in an old application that you made for the old MD4-5 except updating it to minimum 5.05.