Cycle utilization high alarm

Lukasz 3 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 6

I received popup on display unit after 77 hours 

Cycle utilization high alarm MD4-5

What is this related exactly?

I didn't found any info regarding to this.



In IQANdesign 5 and earlier, this message is linked to the use of the System information channel Cycle utilization.

When cycle utilization exceeds 80%, the System information channel for cycle utilization give this alarm. 

You could mask it by placing your System information channel in a function group you disable, but I'd recommend looking at increasing cycle time or check if the application could be optimized. 

From IQANdesign 6.00, the message is a bit different. Instead of relying on the use of the system information channel, modules running IQANdesign 6 will always give a message for High utilization, but only when the value exceeds 100%. 

Thanks Gustav,

I found this info in manual, but i have other question regarding to this problem.

Popup appear at display after 80 hr, we didn't see it before and we have more units with same program without it.

What could be a reason that cycle utilization increased at this unit? Hardware issue?


Application cycle utilization tend to be quite steady. If some function groups are enabled in runtime, this will increase the utilization. If the application use large arrays a reset of the array will increase the utilization temporarily. An increase in the amount of incoming CAN traffic can also be noticed on the cycle utilization. 

I think a good starting point is to check what the cycle utilization is during normal operation, I would guess it is already quite close to the alarm limit. 

Hi Gustav im having the same issue w a customer, can you elaborate more on how to mask it and disable it i don't think our field guys want to update the application to rev 6

please let me know


Masking it requires an application update: in IQANdesign, move the System information channel for cycle utilization into a new function group, and use a digital parameter as Enable for that function group.