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Argy 2 years ago updated by Igor Cegiełka 2 years ago 3

I am trying to connect to a TOC-8 and I am getting a no response error from IQAN Develop.

The Green LED is on. There are no Orange/Red LED's on.

I am using a Prolific USB-to-Serial port communication cable.

All connections seem right.

My Com-port info is pasted below.

Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Could it be the com speed?

Image 2784

It was a long time ago - but I believe the prolific adapters had problems and I switched to an FTDI chip set adapter and it fixed most problems.  If you can't find a resolution - I would try to find one.

And make sure you download and install the FTDI drivers before you plug it in - windows did not do a good job in finding the drivers (at the time anyway).

Helo, have you managed to solve the connection problem? because i have the same problem and no way works.. Thanks