Get logs without additional hardware or licenses

Ville Laine 3 years ago updated by Mack 2 years ago 1

I would like to see a tool or some way to get the logs from the controller without additional hardware or licenses.

Just thinking that we should be able to get the needed logs out from the system without additional costs and harware.

We have an external reporting application that needs log files as an input.

This Reporting application is used by end customer and it makes no sense to purchase IQANRun license to every customer that needs this reporting.

I think the easies way would be make an program that is just script engine and just performs the scripts without the IQANRun.

This way we can invoke that script engine from our software to do needed actions. I know this can be done starting IQANRun silently, but it still needs that license.

Or even if we can get the API for integrating needed feature to our reporting program that would be the best solution I think.


Second this, would like API to be able to pull logs and save to txt/excel file. Would also like API to be able to save project files as text files.