IQANrun Free for tablets 3.16 now available

Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 9 years ago updated by Chris Prestley 6 years ago 13

What's new?

  • Now with support for Android tablets
  • Portrait mode support
  • Logs: Refresh button added
  • Adjust: Reset to factory default added
  • About tab changed to drawer menu
  • The usual performance and stability improvements
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APP will not even start on a Android 4.0.4 Samsung SCH-I815. Uninstalled & Reloaded twice with same result.
There is a mistake in the minimum android version, it say 2.3 on google play, but the minimum version is 4.4
Understood and will try a different Tablet.

Thank you for the timely reply.

Hi Lew, thank you for making us aware of this problem. The app requirements are now updated on Google Play. Sorry about the confusion.
Hi, we did load to Sony Xperia T2 Ultra phone for android V4.4.3 it's running, but General Mobile Discovery not running for android V4.4.2.
We connect to wifi and devices ip adress set to Static Ip.
MD4 Ip:
Device IP:

and we ar trying to connect;

There is something that we forget ?

thank you.

Your project probably probably does not allow tablet connections. This is controlled by a property on Security.


- We tried to install the application on several android phone. Google play ‘Device is not compatible with this version’ gave an error. and can not download the application. Phones we’ve tried: HTC one m7 (android v5.0.2), Samsung S5 (android v5.0), Sony Xperia Z1 (android v4.4.4)

- What is the minimum version of the android devices ?

Think they are releasing a phone version in the future, that's why its not compatable on these smartphones?
Correct. Current version is for tablets only (may work on some large screen smart phones). A smart phone version is under development.

Has there been any further progress on developing a smart phone version of this app yet? I can't even try and download this for my Samsung S8+. Is an .apk available for testing?

The smart phone version of IQANrun was never completed. Instead we have IQANsync.


Any chance the features of IQANrun be added to IQANsync? I would be awesome to just use my phone to watch how a machine is running in our shop.