GSGR GS16275-4xx Camera Display Page Issue

mdonaldson 2 years ago updated 6 months ago 7

We are having a issue that I believe is a recent issue. We've built 1000's of units and we've only experienced it recently(no service reports either). Also on this same unit we started using IQAN 6.08 but our production units are on 5.08 (have XC10's).

Anyway on this unit we have 3 different display pages, each one for a different layout of cameras(see images). If we switch the screen a couple times we can get it to start flashing as if its trying to display the other page then back(see vid - . IMG_0584.mov). If we switch to other screens and back its fine again.

We are going to do a measure group of the 'active display page' to see if its something we did. We don't have a production unit(IQAN 5) with a 4 camera system as I want to check out one of those too.

Image 3083

Image 3084Image 3085

Sorry. A little more info. In the video it is on the single camera page , which is 4 stacked video controls that show and hide with the visibility. We verified the show/hide bits aren't flickering (we will take a measure to be sure on Mon). Also we can get it to flicker that looks like the 4 Way page, however we are still on the single page. 

We finally have a current production unit(IQAN 5). This unit does not behave as described above (IQAN 6). While there are differences in the systems (XC10's vs XC4x's) the code for the camera display pages is identical.

Under review

I was not aware of this camera, interesting to see. 

The most recent change specifically for Generic cameras is from 5.06, so that could be ruled out if you are not having issues on 5.08 

Since you say it happens when you make quick changes on display pages, I am starting to think of the 6.05 faster page navigation. 

Have you been in contact with GSGR about this?

I have not but I will reach out today. Thanks.

Update, as I had to revisit this issue in another application. I was using the show/hide attribute of the display pages only. However once I applied those to the visible property of the video control the issue is resolved. 

So it seems as if requesting the video stream (happens when switching pages) caused some problem for the camera (or the MD4). 

When just hiding a video control with the Visible property, the video is still streaming. 

Its creeped back again lol. Further detail. Its caused when changing display pages while the camera feeds are 'initializing'/re-drawing/flickering (not sure what to call it). This flicker increases the more cameras we have in a system. On our 4-camera systems this issue is easy to re-create. On a 2-camera system its a lot more difficult.