IQAN Develop connection problem, iqan-mdm

Igor Cegiełka 2 years ago 0

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask for help or advice regarding my problem,

I would like to download apps from my old iqan mdm because the display is broken. I am using Iqan Develop 4.03 with a "change" license and I have a problem with the connection between the computer and the module. Program shows No response from iqan develop error. I changed various com port settings, but it did not help, I use an rs232 usb (Unitek) adapter, I have drivers installed. The adapter has an FTDI chip and I also uploaded the FTDI drivers but still nothing. In my computer I also have an RS232 input, but it works on win 10 and the system does not detect devices connected to the RS232 input in the computer. I have the original iqan-mdm diagnostic cable. On one side of the cable is an RS232 plug and on the other side is a round 8 pin plug that enters the mdm module. I would like to ask the forum for help because it is a very important matter for me. Thank you for any hel