Design Improvement suggestion

Andy 2 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 1


When adding a channel to a design using the Add Button adds always to the Top LH side of your design. If the design is small then its no real issue to just move it to where you want. If its a bigger design then you have to move it across a larger space with many smaller moves which is a PITA. As such we all learn quickly to use the add channel from the pop up right click dialogue which adds where the mouse is when the right click occurred.

There are some channels where it is easier to add from a higher channel than via this right click mechanism. For example when adding J1939 Parameters to its master J1939 frame its easier to do it in the master frame channel so that the channel to channel linkage is automatically produced. You can alternately add it via a right click option but then you have to add the channel name to the frame to produce the link (ugly vs unsightly imho) . If instead of adding the channel at the top left of your design it simply added at the top left of your current display then all that scrolling to move stuff around would be avoided.

Anyone else agree with this? Or is there some other way of adding parameters to frames that is easier than the 2 methods Ive discussed? Ive tried dragging a parameter channel over a frame channel to see if that would add it as the last parameter to that channel but it doesn't do that.

There has to be a better way


When adding a channel, my preferred method is to double click (left click) in the position where I want the channel. 

This brings up the add dialog in the position where you clicked, and the channel will be placed there also.