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Hey Everyone

I have a sensor I need to try and source and its not proving easy to find.... I'm working on a 50T Horizontal tree mulching machine. With any machine of this size which has a large rapidly spinning mill vibration can be an issue. If the mill is balanced then the vibration is minor and if it's been damaged or worn out of balance then the vibration can be extreme and destructive.

We have a working solution for balancing these types of Mills that can be called on when needed, but I'm looking to permanently establish a sensor on each of the mill bearings that provides over canbus a single axis vibration reading from which at startup prior to introducing tree material we can determine if the mill is go/nogo. For a balance you need a vibration quantum and an angular measure of unbalance. To determine what I need I really only need the vibration quantum and wouldn't expect to put in an optical sensor from which to measure any angular unbalance from. 'm hoping that there are suitable sensors available that can tell me over J1939 or CanOpen that the vibration is x IPS^2 (or any of the other multitude of measurements that can apply to vibration....my background is aviation hence IPS) 

Anyone seen anything like this?

There are heaps of accelerometers that can provide me with sinusoidal waveforms but that means I have to put in hardware to size the waveform appropriate for the controllers and then make my IQAN controllers interpret the waveform when they are all busy anyway, something I can hopefully offload to a sensor


Hello Andy


This sensor looks like it may have the capacity to pass you high frequency summary data over CAN.  


Thanks Nick, I did send them an email query but havent heard back as yet. If I do I'll post teh results here so others can see.



Check out the Parker UTS-G Sensor or Parker Lord sensors

The G sensors might do the job monitoring the accelerations (G-sensor) and monitor on a threshold level. 




Thanks for the advice. I had a look at this for the UTS-G https://www.gsglobalresources.com/uploads/UTS_protocol_instructionbook_HY33-2374-M1_2016-11.pdf but couldn't see anything that was obvious that I could adjust or query to change the output from an XYZ tilt roll pitch degrees output to an acceleration I could use. What did you have in mind for its use to provide that acceleration based data I need? Im struggling to understand how I can use attitude information (roll Pitch and yaw) to provide acceleration info which is based on Delta Location info..... help ?

IMU's might be something I can use, but on balance its like buying a supercomputer to meet a hand held calculator capability requirement.

Still I don't want to sound as though I'm ungrateful, I definitely appreciate the pointers