Machine ID and IP address (static modules)

SJ L 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 6

Is there any way to label the list of static IP addresses with a user defined machine ID rather than the IP address?

When I enter an IP address (e.g. ) into the static modules list, it's machine ID is listed as the But is there a way for me to change that to e.g. MACHINE 101? So I don't have to refer to a separate list I have created which translates the IP address to a machine ID that I am familiar with?

The static IP is shown in the field for "machine ID" only the first time. This field in the list of static modules is updated automatically as soon as IQANrun/IQANdesign sees it on the network. 

Information is stored in the list, so it remains also after the module no longer is on the same network as the service tool. 

Here is how it looks for three examples:

-One IP address that was entered without IQANdesign/IQANrun seeing a module with this IP on the network. 

-One IQAN-MD4 that is online on the network.

-And one that it has previously been identified on the network. 

Image 3392

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I currently have the below list of IP address added to my static modules list. I have connected to each of these trucks multiple times but their machine ID still comes up as it's IP address. 

Each of the machines have their 'Machine ID' set to an assigned build number (e.g. Rxxx). 

Would you know why the machine ID is not updating?

Image 3396

The reason the Machine ID is not showing up is probably that the message is blocked. 

To update machine ID in the list, IQANrun needs to be able to send a UDP packet on port 8324 to the master module and receive the reply.

Hi Gustav, apologies, I'm not familiar with how to do that. Would you be able to provide steps on sending/receiving this info?