Superuser password?

mtanguay 1 year ago updated by Thomas Moberg (System support) 1 year ago 1

Can someone explain to me why it is important to have a superuser password?

Do I still need it even if I already have a full access password and limited password?

thank you

The superuser passwors is for IQANrun users.

You can set access levels on different tasks, like doing adjustments of parameters, looking at logs, downloading the applikation.

You create user levels and set what level you need to be logged in as to be allawed to do these things.

The superuser has the highes access and you can not change the name, so without a password anyone in the know could log in as the superuser and get access to everything that you have set a user login on.

So if you are using access levels anywhere i would suggest setting a password.