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Multipage Byte Qty

Todd F Reddick 1 year ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 1

Hi, are you able to expand the # of bytes sent from 42 we are limited to now? The issue with sending individual pages to compensate is that we are limited by buss speed/scan time. My current requirement is over 100 bytes but the project is also expanding. Are you able to get to the 1785 byte limit? 

Under review

This is something we are considering, but it is a balance between RAM usage and realistic package size. 

Is this a proprietary message you are setting up or is it for interfacing with a specific 3rd party device?

Limit for multi-packet JFOUT with text is currently 500 bytes.

We settled for the current limit of 40 bytes for JFOUT with value parameters as that was the largest SAE defined fixed length messages.

My impression is that messages that do use the full 1785 limit are variable lenght, which adds a level of complexity.