Configurable sample rate in IQANRun mesurements and graphs

Marc Daigneault 9 years ago updated by Jon Baier 6 years ago 4
I would like to see a configurable sample rate when creating graphs using IQANRun. Currently, the parameters are logged at the same speed as the system cycle time (i.e. 10ms in our case), which means 100 samples per second for each parameter

Some signals we are trying to log over a few minutes makes for huge files that are difficult to manipulate in Excel.

I would like to see the possibility to log parameters at 500ms, 1s, 10s, 30s intervals.

Thanks !

This was reviewed yesterday by our change control board. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it was decided to not implement this feature.

In IQANdesign 4 there is an array channel that can be used to store values of a parameter. It's only available for display modules. I used a group of these array channels to store the value of each of the parameters I was measuring at a specified interval (i.e. every 30 seconds). After recording, the data can be "exported" via IQANrun. I created a Measure group of math channels that changed to the value of their respective array for each recorded interval. The math channel would change value once every cycle, thus reducing a half hour of data measurement to a few seconds of record time in IQANrun.

It's not the perfect solution since it requires extra coding to record the data and the values aren't visible in real-time, but it significantly reduces the Excel file size when measuring over a longer period.