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Hello all,

Back in the history 😊 IQAN TALK !

IQAN DG screen was in German and the MENU button was not working so I could not access any menus or change the languages

I managed to repair it (dirt on the PCB card) and all buttons are working now, I changed the language to ENGLISH and been able to understand the error message on the screen “Release Joystick”

Joystick rubber boots are not in really good shape so first thing is to set up new one if it’s still available, I am looking at it

I can also offer the customer a repair on his JS but in between I would like to increase the deadband with IQAN TALK software

I connect my laptop, managed to get connection on COM PORT 3 but when I tried to GET the application , that message pop up:

No manufacturer ID, this application probably too old

I have connect many machine of that age with IQAN TALK and never had any problem of communication

What do you thing, have you seen that before?