Not a bug

Event Logs not properly saving value log items when when the log is being viewed in MD4

Ian W 1 year ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 1

I've noticed that if a new "value log item" is triggered while I have that log opened in the MD4 menu, the value that is recorded is the wrong value. Rather than record the channel's value when the event occurs, it records the channel's value when I close the log. Is this the intended behavior for logs or is this a bug?

I notice this in a program made in IQANdesign 

Not a bug

It is not a bug, but it is an interesting question about log performance. 

If there are less than 20 event log items that are triggered, these will fit in the buffer the application has for log records, and you get the value, status and timestamp from the time when it was triggered. 

If you trigger more event log items, these are only flagged for logging, and are logged at the next possible time. 

If you have the system information channel Log queue and measure on it in the application view while viewing the log on the MD4, you can see how the log queue increase when events are triggered. If it goes to 100%, that is an indication that the log system is unable to buffer all events. When the MD4 can write to the log memory again, you will see how the log queue drops off. 

Also see description on Log performance in the IQANdesign user manual: 

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