It sounds like you have a voltage present on one or more outputs at start up. This will prevent the application from starting.

Is this on an IQAN-MD4? 

What software version, is it before version 6.06? 

If it is an IQAN-MD4, the error message is improved after 6.06 and may give a little more detail. 

Yes it is an IQAN- MD4-7. And version 5.04.

How I will rectify this problem?


It depends on what cause the issue. If the error came after attempting to send an updated application to the system, it should just be a matter of trying to send it again. 

If it wasn't a result of a failed update, there may be something else. It might be an issue with the flash memory that was solved in 6.04 and retro-fixed in 5.08. 

If you can update to a version 6.04 or new that is good, if you can only get 5.x updates at least try to get an update to 5.08.