Fault code on MC3

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We are getting fault code 2 orange / 1 orange / 1 orange / 9 orange / 4 red / 1 orange on MC3 controller. Does this error code mean internal error/OSC (4:1 in MC3 manual)? If so is there any way of getting more information on why the controller is switching off and more details on that specific error code? Fault appears to be random and only sometimes goes into error state, sometimes module boots fine with no issues or error codes. System is 1 x MD4, 2 x MC3. Intermittent fault present on both MC3 controllers. Both MC3 controllers have CAN Open device attached to each. We have used these CAN Open devices before with success.

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A quick response is, Yes, this is the 4:1 "internal error /OSE", the start of the blink code is the four red followed by one yellow, the yellow flashes that follows indicate in which part of the embedded software the problem is seen.

Looking into this.

Are the error codes available so we can find out what the fault could be? Currently the maching is inoperable and we have no idea why! thanks.

As we concluded in our mail dialogue, the most probable cause is that it is related to startup with the 125 kbit/s CANopen nodes.


Hi Kevin,

With the release of version 4.03, the start-up sequence for CAN has been improved, if the issue was the 125 kbit/s traffic on startup this should now be resolved.(case 26695)


Would it be possible to add the additional error flashes to the MC3 manual? The manual states all the common codes but if we know what area to look for the fault we may be able to establish quickly what the fault could be. I'm assuming there may be other flash combinations to indicate other failures on boot up check?

For the internal error 4:1 blink, the additional yellow blinks that follow is pointing out specifics that is really only useful to the embedded SW developers, to interpret the rest of this blink sequence access to both the source code and the RTOS manual is needed.

But it may be a good idea to add the information that this 4:1 blink code for internal error/OSE does not stop after the initial 4 red and one yellow, and that it is followed by four more groups of yellow blinks.

Hi Kevin,

Did you get a chance to try version 4.03 in this application?

Did it fix the problem as expected?

Hi, unfortunately the machine is not available to access any more so i'm unable to update the system to 4.03. I changed the encoders and application from 125 to 250 kbit/s and the machine worked without any issues so it seems that was most likely the reason the module crashed. We have an upcoming project in the near future which I may be able to test it on, will respond with the testing I carry out.

Hello. We are currently getting a 4:1 followed by 3 yellow flashes. Any insight into this issue. Also the MC-43 appears to program crrectly but anytime we try to go online with IQAN run it says there is not a valid application.

Thanks in advance


For anyone seeing the about IQAN-MC43 blink code, this new post turned out to be a reverse feed on startup on IQAN-MC43. These modules detect reverse feed on startup and prevent the application from running, showing the blink 4 red 3 yellow, described as 4:3 critical stop in the Appendix V


I am getting the Error Code 4:3 on my system with an IQAN MC43 Error Code. The Instruction Manual says "Critical, Stop". What does it mean and how can I fix this issue?