Command line arguments improvements

Nathan Depcik 2 months ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 months ago 2

would it be possible to have more Command line arguments available in a future update? some ideas are below

IQANdesign: having the ability recompile a converted idax file from txt back to idax.

IQANrun: having the ability to get a clone, Setting and log files from a machine. additional connection option with Bluetooth and sending an additional argument for the Bluetooth paring code. 

As well as a help command to list all the options available for command line arguments. Additionally, having the user manuals have more information in for command line arguments. such as in IQANrun 7 there is no mention on how to use the IQANconnect key if connecting with IQAN connect. 

To get get clone, settings and log files via command line, you could make scripts with IQANscript that you launch via command line. 

For script operations get clone and get settings, the script does not have be for a specific project file. 

For get logs, the script needs to contain the project file in order to pick the correct log. 

Regarding IQANdesign, the text representation you can save via command line is only a subset of the project file, it does not have all the information that would be needed for recreating the original .idax or .idsx. 

For connection to IQANconnect, the method that works with command line now is to run a script wither IQANscript Connect action has a property for Machine ID. 

As it is identified with Machine ID, the PC that runs the script must have already had the IQANconnect key entered manually, and also been connected to the system once so IQANrun knows which IQANconnect key that Machine ID is for. 


The IQANscript Connect action could have the Machine ID fixed or manually entered, or it could be read from a file with variables. To make this step a little easier, we plan on adding Machine ID as an additional command line argument for IQANrun.