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Iqandesign 4.0 multiple TSC channels

Michael Carlyle 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 4

I have to send throttle commands on PGN 0 for speed and PGN 00001 for torque limitation.

This is possible in Iqandesign 3.19. In Iqandesign 4.0 I get an error message "Multiple TSC1" and the program won't run.

There is a limit of one TSC1 channel that exists also in IQANdesign 3. But in version 3, the check for this is not discovered, because the "PGN" property is set to 1. In version 3, this was the only way one could get the DA information for a PDU1 message into the identifier.

In version 4, the PGN property is used in the same way as the standard (TSC1 is always PGN 0), and there is a separate property for Destination Address, DA.

What you do in version 4 is that you have one J1939 module for each node address that you are communicating with. Set the DA property to "assigned module", and place one TSC1/JFOUT channel per module.

In your application, I am guessing this is only one engine, right? It is very interesting to hear that you used two separate destination addresses to send TSC1 to it.

Looking at some older application files, I have instead used separate IQAN source addresses to send a combination of speed command and torque limitation from IQAN to an engine.

We actually will require 3 TSC1's with an FPT engine. One is for RPM (PGN 0) known as TSC1-VE, one is for torque limitation (PGN 1) known as TSC1-PE and another for exhaust brake (PGN 15) TSC1-VER. We are not using the Iqan TSC1 - but sending then as PGN 0,1, and 15 as we require changes on the fly to variables contained withing the TSC1's.

Not a bug

Ok, then there would be three J1939 modules. All would have the property PGN set to 0, and the destination address set to 0, 1 and 15 respectively.

Because of the check for "multple TSC1" you would need to have them assigned to three separate J1939 modules, one for each destination address.

Ok - that should work for a workaround.