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Frequency Input resolution

Fred A. Bland 3 weeks ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 days ago 4

When monitoring a slower frequency input, less than 50 HZ, is there a way to achieve better resolution that 1 HZ? 

The frequency input channel itself appears to be a float variable as it displays two zeros after the decimal point. 

The application I am working on the frequency signal range is approx. 7.48 Hz to 16.72 Hz.  The two extra decimal places would be extremely helpful in calculating an accurate speed.  In most situations I would suggest to increase the number of pulses per revolution to increase the frequency reading, but in this situation it is not possible. 

Is increasing the resolution of this channel something that can be implemented?

Frequency measurement is different on different modules. 

Which module are you using? 

On IQAN-MC4x/IQAN-XC4x, the frequency is measured using period time with a 31 ns resolution. As long as the frequency does not drop below the point where there is a timeout, you should be seeing a very good resolution on the IQAN-MC4x/IQAN-XC4x at low frequencies.

On the older XA2, the frequency is measured using pulse count and a moving average filter which gives a lower accuracy at low frequency, and longer reaction time. 

The application is using a XC43. I read on an older post that expansion modules may be limited to by the CAN message structure/scaling of the parameter, using a resolution of 1 HZ/bit.  That is when I started testing with a MC41 and still noticed that the reported frequency is rounded to the nearest integer value, no decimal component available.  I would believe with the 31 ns resolution the modules would be able to report a fractional Hz value at the lower frequencies but it looks like the software is driving it to an integer value.  

I have the same experience, reading low frequency signals gives very low resolution (I have not tried since IQAN6). If there is some setting to measure with high resolution it would be very helpful.