Expected restart interval

Veeresh 1 month ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 weeks ago 1

In IQAN-MC4x_XC4x instruction book, C4x-SMR-011:A Expected restart interval says

“The module shall only be used in application where it is expected to be shut down or restated within 48 hours after startup”

What will happen if i keep MC43FS ECU running beyond 48hrs?

The IQAN-MC4xFS has a huge number of diagnostic checks that are running continuously, at 100 ms interval or less. 

These runtime tests is what gives the calculated value for Diagnostic Coverage. 

At each startup, the MC4xFS also performs an additional set of diagnostic tests to ensure that the runtime diagnostic functions still work. Diagnostics on diagnostics. 

There is no function in the controller to enforce this safety manual requirement. But if you use the MC4xFS for safety functions you are supposed to follow it.