Software version running on machine?

Kevin 8 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 months ago 11
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We have a machine in the field running 3.19 and we need to update the software remotely. To avoid updating the firmware (it takes too long and sometimes fails half way though updating) i need to revise the software using the correct version of IQAN Design originally installed on the machine. The machine appears to be running on firmware version in the MD3 and in the MC3. This is a multi master system.

Can anyone confirm which version of 3.19 I need to build the software change into to prevent having to update the firmware in the machine please? There are multiple versions of 3.19.9 and if I choose the incorrect one it will update the firmware.

I have tried to simulate 3.19.7 and 3.19.9 and use IQAN Run 3.19 to look at the firmware revision but the firmware does not appear to match what we have running in the machine. When I simulate I get 3.19.2.

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After downloading to a spare MD3 unit we have, I have now found that the MD3 firmware of is loaded into the unit when using IQAN Design

Perhaps as new versions of software get released there could be details as to what exact firmware is running on each type of master module? When updating using 3.19 this is more problematic because of the intermediate updates (3.19.7, 3.19.9, 3.19.10). This would make it easier to tell what firmware is running on the machine if there was a list of module specific versions.

Also is there a section to be able to download earlier versions of 3.19 (3.19.7) not just the latest 3.19.10?


You can see which firmware versions IQANdesign contains. Go to Help > About and double-click on the IQANdesign version label.

A new dialog box is opened that shows all firmware versions.

Hope this helps.

That's useful to know, this will save me some time in the future.

Is it possible to access downloads for earlier versions of 3.19 (7 and 9) ?

I have added the 3.19.1 and 3.19.2 installation files to the archive of old versions.

They can be accessed here.


I'm unable to find the files for 3.19.1 and 3.19.2 in the link above. Is this the correct location?

  • Try reloading the page, you should see them below 3.18.

The links are now there, thank you. for your assistance.

Are there any updated links for old firmware available?

The last of each minor-release of IQANdesign 5 and onward are available from Downloads (iqan.se)

On that same page, you also find the last of each release versions 2, 3 and 4.