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Masia Jean-Baptiste 8 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 8 years ago 6


This is my système

Image 389

In my log fil, i have toow calculateur

Coffret démarrage log = MD3

Coffret électrique log = MC3

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Image 391

Image 392

When the Log MC3 is full, the MD3 not saved the news erreur yet the log full behavior is put on Continue logging.

In the help his write :

Continue logging makes the log delete its oldest records to make room for newer. Use this option if it is more important to see the latest events.

Why my news erreurs is not saved ?

Thank you for you help !

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Do you have this problem on both the MD3 and the MC3, or is it only on one of them?

Also, what version are you using?

I have this problem on both the MD3 and the MC3.

I used Iqan 3.19 for this application

I am not sure if this is the problem, but an interesting observation that can be seen from the printscreen of the project file is that there is a clearing channel on these logs, that may have something to do with it.

Hello Gustav.
As the memory is full and is blocked, my client went reset the memory with the MD4. I used the clearing channel for delete the memory since a MD4 -> fonction parameter.
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My guess that the clearing channel would somehow mess up the recycling option for the log was wrong.

We just ran a test here with 3.19 with the exact same parameters as you have, 100 % log size and a recycling channel (that is not being used), and in this test, the log does recycle.

If you get the full log (the button backup log in IQANrun), can you check what the indexes are on the oldest and newest log post is in the MC3 system log?

Also, when you get the full MC3 log, what is the file size you get on the .irf4 file?

One other question is, have the log size been changed, or was it always set to 100% ?

A comment is that in version 3.19, we did have the opposite problem, that when the log was set to stop, it continued to log, as if it was set continue logging. This other problem was fixed in version 4.00.

We have tried to reproduce the problem, using the properties shown here and using IQANdesign 3.19.10, but without success, the log always gets the status Log full (Recycling), and new log records can be added.