Ports and protocols required via Ethernet connection

Frank GUO 8 years ago updated by Marcel 2 months ago 6

Could someone advise what ports and protocols IQAN software are using when connecting via Ethernet to MD4?

When starting Ethernet communication the IQAN software begins with discovering modules on the same network. For this UDP port 8324 is used. The result is shown in the Ethernet connection dialog.

When selecting one of the discovered master modules UDP port 8325 is used to communicate with the module.

If you want to communicate with a master module that is not connected to the same router as your computer it will not show up as a discovered module. In this case you have to know the IP address of the master module and use the "Static modules" tab of the Ethernet connection dialog instead. When connecting to a master module using this way we use TCP on port 8323 instead. This makes it easier and more reliable to e.g. connect over a VPN connection. Note that this connection is considered to be a remote connection and will by default trigger a confirmation message on the MD4 before connecting.

Would it be possible to get access to the communication protocol IQAN use?


Unfortunately no, we do not provide the internal IQAN protocols to external parties.

I want to use a vpn connection for remote diagnostics and software updates. I use port 8323 as mentioned above with static IP. We use our own connectbox. If I want to update it starts updating the MD4-5 and the MD4-5 restarts but the also connected MC41 will not be updated. The MD4-5 seems to 'hang' on a blue screen and waites for all masters to finish updating. But the MC41 never does. It looks to me iQanDesign is waiting for something it never gets. It displays: 'Sending to module MD4-5[1], Waiting for MD4-5...' Any idea how to fix this? Also measuring works fine, only updating gives me this problem. The confirmation message also doesn't work, I set the project to 'Allow remote connection' to Always and 'Allow remote Stop' to Always. Hope someone can help.


We have an issue with sending to multi-master systems using a static IP address. When updating a multi-master system there is an extra restart during the update. After this restart the MD4 does not remember its static IP address and tries to request a dynamic (DHCP) address instead. 

Depending on the router/modem being used a workaround could be to configure the MD4 with dynamic (DHCP) address. Then configure the router/modem to assign a known address to the MAC address of the MD4 via DHCP. This address could be the same that you previously used as static address for the MD4.

Ok, it seems to work as described. Only cost me a lot of time to figure this out. At first I thought it had to do with firewalls or something... Is there somewhere where there is a list of known issues so I can check maybe?