IQANconnect service trial license key - Web shop and extended trial period

The web store where connection keys can be purchased will be launched during the coming days. A link to the web store will be added to the forum within short. Connections purchased during September will be discounted with 50% with the use of the discount code "IQANCONNECT". The trial period is extended so you can try the service for free by using this license file valid to 30'th of September 2016.

Forum trial license september 2016.iqd

IQAN-G11 Bluetooth adapters are available to order now and you can find more detailed info here:



Instruction book: (link could be temporarly unavailable, will be fixed in the near future)


How does one get a subscription service for IQANconnect?

The use of IQANconnect will be in the form of buying connection keys instead of paying a fixed subscription fee. These will be available in a web store (rather than shipping boxes as we do today with software licenses), but this is not launched yet.

For now, you can test the IQANconnect service using the trial license Johan posted.

Do we have a new IQANconnect license for October or is this available for purchase now?